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Welcome to SATOSHI SUZUKI Certified Public Accountant's Office located in Shin-Matsudo, Matsudo-City.

We offer tax filing support services and finance related services.

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About us

We believe;

  • we 'professionals' can provide "sense of security" to our clients.
  • "Sense of security" can be provided by "predict" from "reliable partner".

Then, we provide predictable information to our clients.

Satoshi Suzuki, CPA


Office NameSatoshi Suzuki Certified Public Accountant Office
Address101 Suzuki Bldg, 1-10-2, Shinmatsudo-kita, Matsudo-City, Chiba
Postal Code270-0032
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Profile of Representative

NameSatoshi Suzuki
BirthAug, 1985. Born and grew up in Matsudo City
Certification Certified Public Accountant(No.32668 registered in 2014)
Certified Public Tax Accountant(No.144645 registered in 2020)
Support agencies for business innovation(ID 106513023203)
Hobbies Coffee


2008Graduated from Rikkyo(St. Paul's) University in Tokyo.
2011~Experience working in a "BIG 4" Accounting firm
Expat experience in Shang-hai office
2021~Established Satoshi Suzuki CPA Office in Matsudo City

Service menu & Prices

Subscription Tax Support

We provide supports for tax requirements such as tax filing, submission of Notification form, withholding tax, bookkeeping and more.

Subscription fee will be determined based on sales volume and frequency of meeting. Please see below.


Sales amountMeeting
2 times a year
4 times a year
12 times a year
Financial Closing
& Tax Filing

less than 10 million yen19,80022,00027,500110,0008,800
10~30million yen22,00027,50033,000132,00011,000
30~50 million yen27,50033,00044,000165,00016,500
50~100million yen33,00044,00055,000220,00022,000
100~200 million yen44,00055,00066,000330,00027,500
over 200 million yenaskaskaskaskask

Private Business Owner

Sales amount Meeting
2 times a year
(per month)
4 times a year
(per month)
12 times a year
(per month)
Financial Closing
& Tax Filing
(per year)

(per month)
less than 10 million yen16,50019,80027,50077,0008,800
10~30million yen19,80022,00033,00088,00011,000
30~50 million yen22,00027,50038,500110,00016,500
50~100million yen27,50033,00044,000165,00022,000
100~200 million yen33,00044,00066,000220,00027,500
over 200 million yenaskaskaskaskask

Option Service

Bookkeeping8,800yen ~
year‐end tax adjustment22,000yen
Legal record total table22,000yen
Payroll5,000yen~per person
Individual Tax filling of manager of subscription corporate client.77,000yen

Spot Services of Tax filing

We provide tax filing supports spot services of tax filing as well.

hourly charge consulting11,000yen / 1hourConsult for tax reduction, tax simulation, financial strategies and more
Tax filing -Corporate-165,000yen~Please note : bookkeeping fee is not included
Tax filing -Private business owner-132,000yen~Please note : bookkeeping fee is not included

Business Loan Application Support

We support business loan application.

Start-up Loan ApplicationPre-paid fee : 50,000yen、
Success fee : 3% of Loan Succeed Amount (minimum 110,000yen)
Loan ApplicationPre-paid fee : 50,000yen、
Success fee : 3% of Loan Succeed Amount (minimum 110,000yen)

Support for Company Establishment

We provide full support of Company Establishment procedures.

Kabushiki Kaisha "K.K."88,000yen(+register tax and other costs approx210,000yen) : total approx298,000yen
Goudou Kaisha "G.K."88,000yen(+register tax and other costs approx70,000yen) : total approx158,000yen

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